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Marijuana Safety and Accountability 

Marijuana is legal, but that doesn't make it a

free-for-all. It can cause unintentional harm and negative consequences. Marijuana should always be used in a safe and responsible matter; thinking about your health and safety, and those around you.

Tuscola County Health Department employee


Tuscola County Health Department

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Upcoming  Events


Tuscola County Board of Health Members:

Commissioner: Kim Vaughan
Commissioner: Bill Lutz
Citizen At-Large: Vicki Leland
Citizen At-Large: Ann Cherry, RN
Citizen At-Large: P.S. Kumar, M.D.

Agendas, Schedules, Meeting Minutes:

Michigan Thumb Public Health Alliance Logo

Member of The Michigan Thumb Public Health Alliance

Tuscola County Community Partnerships

Great Start Tuscola

Imagination Library

Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA)

Human Development Commission

Michigan 2-1-1

Tuscola Community Health Partnership (TCHP)

Tuscola Opioid Response Consortium (TORC)

Tuscola Prevention and Recovery Coalition (TPRC)

Our Mission

The Tuscola County Health Department actively strives to enhance our community’s quality of life by disease prevention, health protection and healthy lifestyle promotion.

Our Vision

The Tuscola County Health Department will be recognized as a valuable asset to our community. 

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