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Emergency Preparedness kit

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator:

Public Health Emergency Preparedness is tasked with the planning, mitigation, and responding to public health threats.

The potential public health threats in Tuscola County include, but are not limited to, weather-related events, acts of terrorism, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and vehicular accidents. Though specific details of hazards cannot always be predicted before they happen, the Tuscola County Health Department utilizes an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness.

The end-state goal of emergency preparedness is to develop and maintain a resilient community that is prepared to rapidly respond to, and recover from, either technological (man-made) or natural disasters that may occur within our county.

Animated woman thinking of her emergency preparedness plan in a though bubble

Six Domains of Preparedness

Community Resilience:

Preparing for and recovering from emergencies.

Incident Management:

Coordinating an effective response. 

Information Management:

Making sure people have information to take action.

Countermeasures and Mitigation:

Getting medicines and supplies where they are needed. 

Surge Management:

Expanding medical services to handle large events. 


Investigating and identifying health threats.

Disasters don't plan ahead- you can!

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