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STI / HIV Department:

Low or no-cost confidential sexual health services.

Our goal in the STI/HIV program is to reduce and prevent the transmission of STI/HIV in our county. The Health Department offers low or no cost confidential Sexual Health Services for anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, income, or anything else! Services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on income and insurances accepted. Those under 18 years old do NOT need parental consent to access services.

Services Provided include:

  • STI Testing (urine or swab sample)

  • STI Treatment

  • Rapid HIV Testing

  • HIV risk assessment counseling

  • Sexual health education and counseling

  • Referrals

Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone and Everyone!

Cost of Services

  • Low to no-cost services based on a sliding fee scale determinant  on income and insurances accepted. 

Hours of Service

  • Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (closed 12-12:30 for lunch).

Additional Info

Get tested if:

You or your partner(s) have any of the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal discharge from the vagina or penis 

  • Painful urination 

  • Odor 

  • Rash (genital area, hands, feet, chest and/or back) 

  • Pain in testicles 

  • Sores/blisters

You or your partner(s) are considered high risk:

  • Multiple partners 

  • History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 

  • Sex without a condom 

  • Men who have sex with men (MSM) 

  • Substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, needles) 

  • Sexually active adolescents (between the age of 13 - 24)

Common STI's

2019 sexually transmitted disease data


You may pick up FREE condoms in the health department lobby during normal business hours. Condoms are also available free at some area local business through our WearOne Campaign.


If you’re sexually active, protect yourself and your partner by using a condom the first time and every time you have sex. 


Store condoms in a cool, dry place and check expiration dates.

Condom in shirt pocket

WearOne Campaign

Free Condom Pick-up Locations

The WearOne Campaign was developed to increase free condom availability, create awareness and promote acceptance of condom use in individuals 18 - 24 years of age. The goal is to decrease STIs and unplanned pregnancies; by removing barriers such as cost, embarrassment and lack of access. 

Wear One campaign logo
  • What does enrollment in CSHCS offer?
    Helps pay for visits to specialists. May help pay for specialized equipment such as wheelchairs when they relate to the CSHCS qualifying medical condition. May help pay for medications when they relate to the CSHCS qualifying medical condition. Coordination of services and assistance with finding community resources. May assist with travel and lodging expenses relating to treatment. and care for the CSHCS qualifying medical diagnosis. May help to pay medical bills for a child who has recently died.
  • What does CSHCS NOT pay for?
    CSHCS does not cover primary care, well-child visits, mental health care, or immunizations (with the exception of flu and COVID-19 vaccinations for those otherwise uninsured).
  • How do I join?
    Ask your child's specialist to send a report about your child's condition to us. If your child has not seen a specialist, we can make arrangements to have your child evaluated. Your child's medical condition, not your income determines if you qualify for this program. If your child qualifies, he or she will be invited to join the program. An application will be mailed to you. A review of this application will determine if we will ask you to share in the cost of services.

Tuscola County Participating Locations:

What is HIV testing like at the Tuscola County Health Department comic strip flyer

Prevention Options:

PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

PEP – Post Exposure Prophylaxis

For individuals living with HIV who need care, information may be found at the following:

Doctor and nurses discussing test results

Reduce and prevent the transmission of STI/HIV in Tuscola County.

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