As of June 5, 2006, MCIR became a Lifetime Registry for both children and adult immunization information and changed the name to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry.  
Childhood immunization is a top priority for the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).  In December 1996, Governor John Engler signed legislation authorizing the State to create the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry (MCIR).
Section 9227 of Public Act 368 of Public Health Act 1978 as amended mandates that providers shall report each childhood immunization given to the Michigan Department of Community Health.
With the implementation of the MCIR, Michigan is one of the first states to have an immunization registry that is available to all public and private providers.  Studies show that vaccines provide a cost-effective means to achieve a high standard of community health.
MCIR has been funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Michigan, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Since its creation, the registry has grown to include more than 2 million children.

What is MCIR? 

A statewide computer system that keeps track of shots given to all citizens of Michigan.  All health care providers who give shots to children must record them with the MCIR.

How Does it Work? 

Each provider who sees a child can check the MCIR to learn if shots are needed.  The system records the type and date of each shot given.  With information from you, any provider in Michigan can check your child's record.  If your child receives a shot elsewhere in the State, it will be in the record when your regular provider checks it.

Why is it Needed? 

The MCIR helps your provider keep track of when your child's shots are due.  Some diseases can harm - or kill - children not protected by shots. 
Shots protect fully only when given at the proper time, and protection against some diseases takes several shots. 
If you are not interested in the benefits MCIR has to offer, your provider has a form for you to complete. 

MCIR Goals  

  • Protect children and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases 
  • Decrease the number of missed opportunities to provide immunizations to children 
  • Increase Michigan's childhood immunization rate 


Populating the MCIR Database

  • Newborns born in Michigan are automatically entered into the MCIR via the Electronic Birth Certificate (EBC).  The Office of the State Registrar is the source of MCIR database records for newborns in Michigan. 
  • Authorized providers can enter a new record in the MCIR for a child not currently in the database.  This may be an existing child who was born prior to January 1, 1994, a child new to a practice, or a child born outside of the State of Michigan.  Users other than providers (such as schools, day care facilities, and camps) cannot directly enter new children into the MCIR. 

Reminder and Recall Process 

  • The MCIR includes a reminder and recall function that notifies parents that their child is due or overdue for immunizations. 
  • A reminder is sent to the child's parent or guardian around six months after birth and a birthday reminder is sent around the first year of the child's birthday.  Recall notices are sent when a child's immunizations are approximately two months overdue.