Well Construction


In 1992 the Department began the Well Permit Program, which licenses, inspects, and approves the construction of water wells in the county. The Division's Well Permit Program follows the standards of Act 368 as amended and the Safe Drinking Water Act. Reviewed are site selection, isolation from contamination, and construction technique. Final inspection of the well construction includes sampling to determine water quality.

Description of Services


  • Issue permits for private and Type II water supplies
  • Sample and evaluate drinking water
  • Verify well construction
  • Advise about water quality problems
  • Provide water analysis bottles


Permit Application


A permit is required for the construction of a new well or a major alteration or repair of an existing well. Permit applications are available through the Environmental Health Division of the Health Department.

Some of the information necessary to prepare an application:

  • Property Tax Number
  • Present Owner's Name and Mailing Address
  • Township
  • Section Number
  • Site Plan

Resources Available


  • Well logs of wells drilled since 1968
    • Well logs indicate depths, geology of formations, and water availability
  • Maps showing major sites of potential contamination, such as old landfills/dumpsites and known or suspected chemical contamination sites
  • Standard drawings of well construction and pump installations of various types are on file to help the public understand code requirements.