Sewage Disposal Systems

Waste water treatment is an important component of groundwater quality control. Waste water is the used water supply of a home, business, or community. In rural areas, used water returns to the ground through an on-site sewage system. The Sewage Disposal Program evaluates soil to determine its ability to properly treat waste water before returning to the groundwater, issues a permit, and monitors the construction of the system. Authority for this program is set forth in the Tuscola County Environmental Health Code and Michigan Criteria for Subsurface Sewage Disposal.


Description of Services

Evaluates sites for on-site sewage disposal
Provide home loan evaluations
Issue permits for septic system construction and repair
Permit Application
Permits are required for any new construction of a septic system or the replacement of an existing septic tank or tile field. A permit is also required for any addition or enlargement of a septic system. Permit applications are available through the Environmental Health Division of the Health Department.

Some of the information necessary to prepare an application:

  • Property Tax Number
  • Township Verification of Parcel Form
  • Present Owner's Name and Mailing Address
  • Township
  • Section Number
  • Site Plan

All necessary forms and instructions for completion of the application are provided.