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Animal Bites

The Communicable Disease Department works with local Animal Control agencies to ensure that either the animal(s) and/or human(s) involved with an animal bite incident were not exposed to rabies.

Animal bite incidents can range from an actual physical bite or a potential exposure to a rabid animal, such as a bat being found in a room where individuals were sleeping. The Communicable Disease Nurse will follow-up with individual(s) who are bitten or exposed to determine if treatment is needed and discuss appropriate next steps.

To report an animal bite or exposure, please fax Animal Bite Report to 989-673-7490. 

Rabies Testing:

If you find a bat in your house, please don't let it go until without talking to us. We provide case-by-case consultation regarding the need for post-exposure prophylaxis (rabies vaccine). 

The Health Department also coordinates rabies testing for animals when there is a human exposure/bite involved. Call 989-673-8118 during business hours. Any animal specimens for rabies testing must be deceased and you must live in Tuscola County.

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