The Office of Population Affairs (OPA)

The OPA serves as the focal point to advise the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for Health on a wide range of reproductive health topics, including adolescent pregnancy, family planning, and sterilization, as well as other population issues. The Office of Population Affairs, under the direction of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs, is comprised of three component offices responsible for the oversight of program functions:

  • Office of Family Planning
  • Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs
  • Office of Research and Evaluation

Family Planning Mission
To assist individuals in determining the number and spacing of their children through the provision of education, counseling, and medical services.

Adolescent Family Life Mission
To demonstrate effective means to promote premarital abstinence from sexual activity and to ameliorate the adverse consequences of adolescent childbearing.

Research and Evaluation Mission
To support research and evaluation efforts in the areas of reproductive health and adolescent sexual behavior, pregnancy, and childbearing.