1. To reduce the incidence of STI's among residents of Tuscola County.
  2. To make available STI services to persons with economic or other access problems who are unable to secure comparable services.
  3. To avert the incidence of sterility as a result of STI's.
  4. To provide high quality and individualized care consistent with the unique needs of each person participating in the program.
  5. To educate the general public toward an understanding of STI's.


Program Goals

This program is intended to service clients without financial resources to pay for testing or treatment; not the worried well. Individuals requesting service may be tested, given appropriate treatment and educated regarding STI's.  Partners of individuals found to be positive for a reportable STI will be notified in a confidential manner by a public health nurse of their exposure. Identities of the source individuals will be kept anonymous.  We provide primary prevention based on the identification of individuals whose behaviors place them at risk, and education to change those sexual behaviors.
In some rural areas the health department may not be able to provide diagnosis and/or treatment on site for a client, due to a physician or nurse practitioner not being available.  In those instances appropriate referrals will be made by the public health nurse.
All individuals assessed to be at risk for HIV will be encouraged to receive HIV counseling and testing as appropriate.

Provider Information